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Seborrheic dermatitis or seborrhea is a chronic infectious disease of the skin surface, rich in sebaceous glands (nasolabial triangle, scalp etc.). With seborrhea, inflammation, peeling and itching spreads beyond the scalp.

Statistically, seborrheic dermatitis affects 2–5% of the population..

Seborrheic dermatitis has the same aetiology as dandruff, but with more pronounced clinical manifestations. Often the inflamed skin strongly itches and oozes. The flakes can be white or yellow. Peeling extends beyond the head to hairy or bare skin areas. The disease occurs in persons of both sexes, but more often in men. The tendency to activate the pathological process is observed in dry, frosty months.
Clinical seborrhea manifests itself in the form of dermal outgrowths, which are formed as a result of the fusion of microbubbles and small papules of pinkish and yellowish colour, covered with furfur. When removing the furfur, a hyperemic surface is visible.