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How to solve the problem of dandruff?

What provokes its appearance?
Can usual shampoos solve the problem or do I need to apply special therapeutic shampoos?
Does the food ration matter?

Statistically, every third inhabitant of the planet over 12 years old has dandruff. Much more often are the cases of dandruff in people younger than 20 years old. In people older than 50 years old dandruff is a rarer problem. Before deciding how to get rid of dandruff, let’s find out how it appears. Dandruff is a manifestation of chronic non-inflammatory scalp skin disease when the skin cells of the scalp are cleared twice as fast as in normal state, and appear of hear as white flakes. The main pathogen of dandruff is M. globose, a fungi living on our head skin. If everything is ok in the organism, they coexist peacefully. However, sometimes the fungi starts behaving aggressively (especially if there is much sebum – nutritious medium for parasites): too much oleic acid produced causes irritation, weakens the protective barrier of epithelium and, as a result, violates the cell renewal process.

Who is in the risk group?
Bad environmental conditions, long-term stress, accumulated fatigue, taking hormonal drugs, body dehydration, lack of vitamins B6, B12, F, microelement selenium, as well as incorrectly selected hair-care products. The work of unfair hairdresser forgetting to disinfect the instruments can also become the reason of dandruff.

What shampoo to choose?
There are many caring products intended to fight dandruff in Ukrainian shops. But before buying a shampoo remember that the purpose of usual cosmetic products is to reduce the quantity of oil (and therefore to squeeze the life out of fungi) and to remove white flakes. But caring products cannot act of the main cause of dandruff – M. globosa. These can do only special therapeutic anti-fungal drugs. So if you have a serious problem, many dandruff and you suffer from it for a long time, don’t waste your time and visit a doctor, who will select an appropriate therapeutic shampoo. By the way, despite the fact that such products are not intended for basic hair care and should be applied only for the therapy, they help keep the beauty of curls, since the formula of therapeutic shampoos against dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis includes not only anti-fungal and antibacterial components, but also nourishing, hydrating, protective component of mainly plant origin.