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What is the difference between Dermazole® Shampoo and Dermazole® Plus Shampoo?

Due to the improved composition, Dermazole® Plus Shampoo has extended indications and is effective in chronic, recurrent and complicated manifestations of seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis, including seborrheic eczema; acts not only on fungi, but also on bacteria; promotes healing of damaged skin areas, effective moisturizing of hair, enrichment with vitamins, microelements.

There is Aloe Vera in the composition of Dermazole® Plus Shampoo. What is the amount of it?

A special feature of Dermazole® Plus Shampoo is that it contains 2.5% of dry extract of Aloe Vera in its composition, and this allows using the medicinal properties of the plant to the maximum.
In such concentration, Aloe begins to work not only as a conditioner for hair, but also removes inflammation and irritation, promotes healing of affected areas of the skin.

I have chronic dandruff and I am predisposed to seborrhea, so I have to use special products every day. How often do I have to use Dermazole® Plus Shampoo in this case?

In fact, with a certain type of skin and metabolic profiles, it is difficult to solve the problem at once. In your case, it is necessary to consult with a healthcare professional periodically in order to get appropriate recommendations.

At the same time, during an exacerbation Dermazole® Plus Shampoo is sufficient to use not more often than 1–2 times a week for 2 weeks, as indicated in the instruction for use. In the future, the product can be used with short preventive courses 1–2 times a week for 2 weeks. You can have a 2-week interval between the uses of the shampoo.

Tell me, please, if I use Dermazole® Plus Shampoo more often, will the effect come faster?

Dermazole Shampoos are a series of medicines that contain powerful antifungal components. When applied to the hair and scalp, the vegetative forms of the fungus are irreversibly destroyed. There remain spores, which are often impossible to inactivate even by means of boiling. After 2–3 days, spores begin to germinate and at this point they are vulnerable to shampoo components.

Therefore, the recommended regimen is sufficient to stop the infection.

However, it is necessary to take into account the individual peculiarities of the skin and the possibility of repeated infecting with spores of the fungus (caps, pillows, combs – it is very difficult to exclude household factors). Regular observation of the doctor can help take into account individual characteristics and circumstances.

I have chronic dandruff and I always have to use special products. How economical is the use of Dermazole® Plus Shampoo?

In most cases, Dermazole® Plus Shampoo is recommended to be applied no more than twice a week for two weeks, while it is recommended to keep intervals between preventive courses.
So, one bottle of 100 ml, if used correctly, is enough for 5–6 months.